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After independence, precisely on August 19, 1945, President Soekarno inaugurated / lift Mr. Dr. RSE Koesoemah Atmadja as Chief Justice of the Republic of Indonesia first. Rapture was then simply set as Evening of the Supreme Courtroom, through Decree KMA / 043 / SK / VIII / 1999 on the Establishment Anniversary of the Supreme Courtroom of the Republic of Indonesia. Date August 19, 1945 is also the day of the passing of the 1945 Constitution and biografi damayanti wisnu putranti also the formation and removal of the First Presidential Cabinet in Indonesia. The Supreme Courtroom continues to experience the dynamics corresponding constitutional dynamics. Between 1946 until 1950 the Supreme Courtroom relocated to Yogyakarta as the administrative centre of the Republic of Indonesia. In those days there were two Supreme Judicial Institute in Indonesia, namely:Hoogerechtshof in Jakarta:Chairman: Dr. Mr. WirjersIndonesia damayanti wisnu putranti lirik Members:Mr. Notosubagio,KoesnoenDutch Members:Mr. Peter,Mr. BruinsProcureur Basic: Mr. Urip KartodirdjoThe Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in Yogyakarta:Chairman: Mr. Dr. RSE Koesoemah AtmadjaVice: Mr. R. Satochid mammalMember (s):Mr. Husen Tirtaamidjaja,Mr. Wirjono Prodjodikoro,Kali Malikul Sutan AdilRegistrar: Mr. SoebektiAdministration Head: RanuatmadjaThen came the capitulation of Japan, which is called the Supreme Council Saikoo Hooin will be then eliminated by Osamu Seirei (Act No. 25 yr 2011, or Peraturan Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan Zero. 25 Tahun 2011). On January 1, 1950 the Supreme Courtroom came back to Jakarta and required over (pass) buildings and personnel and employment Hoogerechtschof. As a result, the users of Hoogerechtschof and Procureur Standard resign his task each and forwarded to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia (MA-RIS) with the arrangement:Chairman: Mr. Dr. RSE Koesoemah AtmadjaVice: Mr. Satochid mammalMember (s):Mr. Husen Tirtaamidjaja,Mr. Wirjono Prodjodikoro,Kali Malikul Sutan AdilRegistrar: Mr. SoebektiAttorney General: Mr. TirtawinataIt can be said since the appointment of Mr. Dr. Koesoemah Atmadja as Chairman of the Supreme Courtroom, in the operational implementation of the Judicial Power in the Condition Supreme Court is following the enactment of Powers and Procedural Rules of the Supreme Court issued on May 9, 1950 in Regulation No. 12 months 1950 on Court Street Structure of Electricity and the Supreme Courtroom of Indonesia.


The task of the Chief Justice can be to Justice and determining cases on the level of Cassation.SecretariatSee likewise: Registrar of the Supreme CourtRegistrar of the Supreme Courtroom has the task of undertaking the provision of tech support team in the field of judicial administration to the Assembly and Supreme Court Justice in check, hearing and selecting the case, along with the completion of the administration to put into practice the Supreme Court ruling. Registrar of the Supreme Court headed by one individual along with the 7 Registrar and the Deputy RegistrarRegistrar Basic for Civil,Registrar Basic for Civil SpecialDeputy Registrar CriminalRegistrar General for Particular CrimesRegistrar General for Civil ReligionMilitary Criminal Deputy RegistrarDeputy Registrar Point out Administration.

SecretariatSee likewise: Secretariat of the Supreme CourtSecretariat of the Supreme Courtroom headed by the Secretary and assisted by 6 units of the 1st echelon ie:Directorate-General for Public JusticeDirectorate General for Spiritual CourtsThe Directorate General of Army Justice and Administrative CourtsSupervisory BoardResearch and Expansion and Education and Schooling Law and JusticeAgency for Administrative AffairsCourt of AppealThe appellate court beneath the Supreme Court comprising:High CourtHigh Religious CourtState Administrative High CourtTop Military CourtHigh Military CourtFirst degree courtThe first level courtroom under the Supreme Court comprising:District Courtreligious courtsadministrative CourtMilitary courtPertamina (Persero). Pertamina (formerly Company Mining and Oil and Gas State) is a state that is charged with taking care of the extraction of coal and oil in Indonesia. Pertamina entered the purchase to 122 in the Fortune Global 500 in 2013 ..

The Supreme Courtroom of the Republic of Indonesia. The Supreme Courtroom of the Republic of Indonesia (abbreviated MA RI or MA) is a high state organization in the state system of Indonesia who will be holders of judicial electric power alongside the Constitutional Court and is free from the influence of additional ability branches. The Supreme Courtroom oversees the judiciary in general courts, spiritual courts, military courts, express administrative courts.

Some refineries also generate LPG, as in Pangkalan Brandan, Dumai, Plaju, Cilacap, Balikpapan, Balongan, Donggi, Senoro and Mundu.

Pertamina in conducting business activities in the field of energy and petrochemicals, is divided into upstream and downstream sectors, and supported by the actions of subsidiaries and joint ventures.

ProductFuel oil :Biopertamax, PERTAMAXPertamax Plus, PertaliteBiopremium, Premium,Solar, Bio diesel, Pertamina DEXkerosineNon-oil: Minarex, HVI 90, HVI 160, Lube Base, Green Coke, Asphalt,Gas: LPG, Energy Gas (CNG), Vigas, LPG, CNG, Musicoollubricants:Fastron is the engine lubricating oil base automobile with a semi-synthetic materialPrima XP SAE 20W - 50 is a production of Pertamina lubricant for gasoline enginesMesran Super SAE 20W-50 is an engine lubricating oilMESRANIA 2T Super-X is certainly a two stroke gasoline engine lubricant that such water-cooled outboard motors or rate boat. These lubricants happen to be produced by Pertamina. Also ideal for use on a small outboard motors and machines planers, sawing machines, bajaj and bemo.2T Enviro may be the lubricant of vehicles 2 Needless to gasoline also semi-synthetic lubricants are produced from basic ingredients plus a mineral lubricating synthetic lubricant bottom material Poly isobutylene. Suggested for use on a car engine 2 non-e gasoline with air conditioning. Vehicle-vehicle 2 Not made in Japan such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Vespa, could also be used for chainsaws (chainsaw) and a lawn mower.Enduro 4TMeditranROREDPetrochemicals: Pure Teraphithalic Acid (PTA), Paraxyline, Benzene, Propyline, SulfurSubsidiaryPertamina Headquarters at Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur, JakartaPT Pertamina EP - Enterprises in the upstream oil and gas fields consist of: exploration, exploitation and sales of coal and oil production results of operations.PT Pertamina Geothermal Strength - Management and production of geothermal resources ksploitasi actions include exploration and production of steam and electricity generation and consulting companies, construction, operation and repair as well as technological development in the field of geothermal energy.PT Pertagas - Professional, distribution transport, processing and other business linked to natural gas and its derivatives.PT Pertamina Hulu Energi - business management upstream oil & gas and energy both outside and inside the country as well as related business activities or support business actions in the field of oil and gas.PT Pertamina EP Cepu - exploration, exploitation and development in Cepu.PT Pertamina Drilling Products and services Indonesia - management and resource development drilling services features both exploration and exploitation of coal and oil and geothermal.PT Nusantara Regas - Managing and development of services Storage space and Regasification Terminal (HoA) including LNG buy and advertising of HoA management.PT Pertamina Patra Niaga - technology services, commercial companies nonfuel and mining industries in the field of oil and gas.PT Pertamina Trans Continental - shipping operations services include supply vessels, tug boats, cargo vessels, company and dock management Kabil on Batam Island.Pertamina Energy Trading Small (Petral) - Commercial crude oil and refined products business locations in Singapore.PT Pertamina Retail - Retail gas stations, fuel trading and fuel transporters.PT Tugu Pratama Indonesia - loss insurance services related to the operation of coal and oil industry and marine hull.PT Pertamina Dana Ventura - capital raising activities.PT Pertamina Bina Medika - health care services and hospitals located in Jakarta and surrounding areas, Cirebon, Balikpapan, cape and Prabumulih.PT Patra Jasa - Resort / biografi Damayanti Wisnu Putranti Jakarta wisnu putranti Motel, offices and rental of Real Property / Hotel.PT Pelita Air Support - Air transport products and services, leasing of aircraft and air travel scheduled (regular), organizes additional related businesses or support business activities.PT Pertamina Teaching & Consulting - Services human useful resource development, assessment and management of systemic consultation to be able to support the actions of oil and gas and geothermal.PT Usayana - Fields drilling, work-over, well support, underwater engineering, ticketing, event organizer, perwismaan, trade, property, control of golf training, gyms, gas stations, workshops and consultants..

Throughout that time the Supreme Court has 2 times induct and spending the oath of President Soekarno, namely on 19 August 1945 as the First President of the Republic of Indonesia and dated December 27, 1945 as the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RIS).

Chairman of the Supreme Courtroom elected from and by the justices, and appointed by the President.

The Cilacap refinery is the only producer with quality lube base essential oil HVI- 60, HVI - 95, HVI and HVI -160 S - 650. Lube basic production can be channeled to the Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) to be manufactured into products and extra lubricant exported.

Time passed and the Act No. 1 of 1950 needed to be replaced, therefore on December 17, 1970 was created the Act No. 14 of 1970 on the basic provisions of judicial vitality that Article 10 (2) states that the Supreme Court may be the Court of the State Supreme within the meaning of the Supreme Courtroom as the Panel of the Court of Cassation (last) for a decision verdict from the court below, the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal which includes four (4) Environmental Justice:General JurisdictionReligious CourtMilitary justicejustice TUNSince 1970 the position of the Supreme Court began a solid and specifically with the discharge of Act No. 14 of 1985 on the Supreme Court, then your position of the Supreme Court has begun a well-established, in carrying out their duties which includes five functions:Judicial functionsOversight functionsetting functionFunction Gives AdviceAdministrative functionsSupreme Court setting up in 1980 (it today belongs to the Ministry of Finance)The situation keeps growing and the need for both technical and non technical increasing, the Supreme Courtroom will be able to regulate the business, administration and financing himself did not join the Division of Justice (nowadays the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights). As time goes by, the idea that your body of Justice fully placed directly under the business of the Supreme Courtroom is independent from the Ministry of Justice.

Pertamina may be the combined result of the company Pertamin with Pertamina, that was established on December 10, 1957. This merger happened in 1968. Leader (CEO), who offered from 2009 to 2014 was inaugurated by Karen Agustiawan Syofan Point out Enterprises Minister Djalil on 5 February 2009 replaces the previous president director Ari Soemarno Hernanto. Lihat sekarang damayanti wisnu putranti kpk. Karen Agustiawan inauguration of this important historic record since she started to be the initial woman to occupy the very best position in the largest state-owned company owned by Indonesia. Karen Agustiawan resigned as CEO on October 1, 2014 and started to be a faculty professor at Harvard University, Boston, USA. Furthermore, on November 28, 2014, President Joko Widodo select Dwi Soetjipto as Director of PT Pertamina (Persero). Info damayanti wisnu putranti naruto. He replaces Karen Agustiawan resign.

In the Dutch colonial period Hoogerechtshoof the Supreme Court and is certainly domiciled in Jakarta with regulations covers the complete Indonesian territory. Hoogerechtshoof includes a chairman, two members, a lawyer general, 2 Advocates Basic and a Registrar where important assisted by a Deputy Registrar or more. If necessary the Governor General can add Hoogerechtshoof arrangement with a deputy and a number of members.

In 2013, Pertamina ranks 122 out of the 500 best firms world variant of the Fortune GlobalPresident DirectorTenure is 3 tahun.Berikut Director of Pertamina CEO can be listing:No. First Name Position End Position1 Ibnu Sutowo 2 Piet Haryono 3 Soegijanto 1996 19984 Martiono Hadianto 1998 20005 Baihaki Hakim 2000 20026 Ariffi Nawawi 2002 2004Widya Purnama 7 2004 2006Ari Hernanto Soemarno 8 2006 2009Karen Agustiawan 9 2009 201410 Dwi Soetjipto 2014 nowPertamina HuluPertamina Upstream business actions include exploration and development of oil, gas, and geothermal. For exploration and production activities of coal and oil is done in some parts of Indonesia along with abroad. Utilization in the united states is performed by Pertamina Hulu, and in collaboration with companions while for exploitation abroad carried out through strategic alliances with companions. In contrast to the activities in neuro-scientific oil and gas, exploration and production of geothermal is still done in the country. To support its core activities, Pertamina Hulu also has a business in neuro-scientific oil and gas drilling.PT Pertamina EPAs a follow up of the Coal and oil Law No. 22, 2001, on September 13, 2005 founded PT Pertamina EP, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) which is engaged in coal and oil upstream sector to control Mining Concession Place (WKP) except Pertamina for the Cepu Block and Block Randu Scissors

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